Thursday, August 30, 2007

starwars sketch

Pencil sketch and color study for the juggler illustration (please check it out at: An illsutration for my friends novel based on alternate starwars universe.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The spring of Cherry Blossom

Hi guys,

my first entry on my blog. well actually many of my friends suggest me to use blog to get a very quick and effective way of showcase ur works. At first I don't trust what they said, but after I had many problems with my website, especially managing it, I consider their thought.

So here is my first entry..nude girl as usual (I love fig. painting) this was done in Painter, Artrage (I love this software) and photo shop. basically I laid down all the strokes in Artrage, and painter helps me bring out the texture I want to show in some areas. and Photoshop, off course, to edit pic (cropping, etc). But so far I want to try the look of oil painting in ARtrage, since I was inpired by the guy name Titov (concept artist) since he use the same software.

Anyway, enjoy, and I'm working on more things. More to come! and Questions and Comments r most welcome here, to help me get better. Thanks.


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